About Me

My name is Hannah and I am fifteen-years-old and the eldest of eight children. My family and I live in the Heart of Texas on thirteen acres where we do many different things and spend most of our time being together as a family. I am in the tenth grade and my most amazing mom home-schools me and my other siblings. I also enjoy playing the piano and accompanying my brother who plays violin. Photography, reading and writing are just a few of my other interest's, but are top on my favorite list.

I have been called to follow Christ and feel so privileged to be called one His own. Life isn't always easy choosing what's right, but who said it would be? Christ's life here on this earth was far from enjoyable and aren't we supposed to be like Him? I am not deserving of the Lord's redemption, love, mercy, grace, and cleansing blood, but He has still given it to me abundantly. I make it my goal to serve Him in any way I can everyday. I try so hard to make Christ the center of my life, but I fail miserably and yet.....His mercies are new everyday. For that I am thankful and forever will be.

He gives New Life to all who ask for it and gives it with such pleasure. I rededicated my life to Christ in May 2011 and was baptized, along with my younger sister, in August of 2011. I am so glad that Christ lives in me and I have the chance to share His genuine love and life with others. I want to give my whole life to serving the Lord and being used for Him. He has not yet shown me in detail how that will look, but for now I am content where He has me.

Soaking up each day and moment is so important to me. Taking each and every day, good or bad, and finding gratitude in it and learning to give it all to God is a constant challenge for me. I seem to want to rush rush my days, but how can I except and see the very small thing's that the Lord wants to show me if I am too busy for the little and small things in life? I can't. So I won't rush through my life instead I will take it slow and enjoy every moment.

I am a sinner stained with wrong choices. I am very imperfect and in desperate need of God's grace.....